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Aku Anchihiro
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Name Aku Anchihiro
Kanji 悪アンチヒーロー
Romaji Aku Anchihīrō
Alias Immortal Demon (不滅悪魔, Fumetsu Akuma)
Status Deceased
Age 5
Gender Male
Race Homunculus
Family Kurutta Anchihiro (Artificial Brother)
First Appearance Chapter Thirteen
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Aku Anchihiro (悪アンチヒーロー, Aku Anchihīrō) is the younger artificial brother of Kurrutta Anchihiro and is a homunculi, he is currently deceased and was the main antagonist of the fanon series created by Rinkaku and was the main antagonist up until the Death Saga and died in the Immortal War Arc.