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Mortem Angelus
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Name Mortem Angelus
Kanji 死天使
Romaji Shi Tenshi
Alias Fallen Angel (堕天使, Daten-shi)
Status Alive
Age 1000
Gender Female
Race Fallen Angel
Family Kurutta Anchihiro (Love Interest)
First Appearance Chapter Sixteen
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Mortem Angelus (死天, Shi Tenshi) is a young angel that is affiliated with the immortal group UQ Holder, she is the main female protagonist of UQ Holder: Shadows created by Rinkaku and was the main antagonist of the ALPHA & Omega Saga.


Masane is usually seen in a yellow shirt with a black sports bra underneath, and blue jeans with the Cursed Gear on her right wrist. Her first transformation is when she has black and red armor, and her eyes become black and yellow, and her hair becomes red. Her second and final, true transformation gives her red and purple armor, and her eyes become purple and pink and her hair becomes white. She is very busty and many have commented upon her breasts, she even states that in her Cursed Form her breasts grow larger than normal.


In the beginning of the series Mortem is a harmless and seemingly ordinary , however during the series she changes and becomes a ruthless killer. It has been stated that Mortem is psychotic and is even borderline demon, she will kill anybody who dares hurt her friends and will not show mercy to villains. However she does listen to whatever Kurutta says and loves him dearly. She is rather arrogant, loud immature and egotistic, and trait that many do not like about herself.


Mortem is a member of the Azazel Clan and as a child was given extremely high expectation as the next clan head but failed to live up to them, as a result her family completely ignored her. She now acts pompous and loud in fornt of people. Se mainly does this in order to be noticed as when she was young she was constantly ignored and ridiculed by even her own family, this caused a traumatic experience for Mortem and she will do ANYTHING to be noticed by people.


UQ Holder: Shadows: The story starts with Kuru joining the immortal organization; UQ Holder and working in the background as the #0, while there he meets his younger brother (Aku) and his best friend and follower Mortem.


UQ Saga

Recruitment Arc

#0 Arc


Immortal Hunter Arc

Imprison Fate Arc

Death Saga

Auxilium Diaboli Arc

Immortal War





Evangeline A.K. McDowell

Mortem and Yukihime has a very sour and bitter relationships as the former (Mortem) is extremely envious of the attention that Kurutta give Yukihime, likewise Yukihime hates the fact that the other boys (mainly Fate, Negi and later Touta) leer over her boobs. It has been stated by many that Mortem wants the attention that Kurutta gives to Yukihime, and Yukihime wants the boobs that Touta keeps looking at.